About Gary Opit

Gary Opit at home amid his New Guinean and Aboriginal artefacts collected during the 1970s while living amongst tribal people during animal and plant identification expeditions. He is holding a plaster cast of what is believed to be the right footprint of a Jurrawarra, a Bundjalung Aboriginal name for the Australian bigfoot or yowie. The cast was made by Gary McGuire and Andre Clayden, from the best of nine prints across muddy ground, found in the rainforest at an elevation of 650 metres on Springbrook in mid 1998. Gary Opit lives at the most easterly point of the Australian continent in New South Wales on the northern coastline of Byron Bay.

My Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio webpage is here: Gary Opit on ABC

 I am the wildlife expert / environmental consultant for ABC Radio NSW North Coast, 94.5 FM and have a regular weekly talkback radio broadcast at 6-20 am every Wednesday morning, which has been operating since February 1997. I give a synopsis on the behaviour of wildlife and address current issues concerning the environment of the north coast. I receive listener’s calls from the Gold Coast to Coffs Harbour and have to immediately identify all species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates from descriptions and calls as well as to give advice. I have conducted nation-wide broadcasts on environmental science on the evening Regional ABC radio station.

I am an environmental consultant with a field research and public relations career spanning 40 years working in north eastern NSW, south eastern Queensland, north eastern Queensland, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia. Skills and expertise include vegetation and fauna survey techniques, plant identification, identification and ecology of all terrestrial vertebrate fauna groups in the localities researched.

I have lectured to university and high school students on botany, zoology, biogeography, Australian ecology, microbiology, geography, permaculture and on Aboriginal ecology, religion and culture.

In August 2003, the International Athena Foundation and Byron Shire Council awarded me the title of Earth Champion. I am listed in their interactive Knowledge Pond Website for my work for the understanding and the protection of the Earth’s natural environment.