What is Cryptozoology?

What is cryptozoology

by admin on November 3, 2015

What is Cryptozoology?

Zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans coined the term “cryptozoology” in the late 1950’s from the Greek roots kryptos (hidden), zoon (animal), and logos (discourse) and means “the science of hidden animals.” Heuvelmans writes, “But what are “hidden animals? They are those more generally referred to as “unknowns,” even though they are typically known to local populations – at least sufficiently so that we often indirectly know of their existence, and certain aspects of their appearance and behaviour. It would be better to call them animals “undescribed by science,” at least according to prescribed zoological rules”(Heuvelmans, B.1982. What is Cryptozoology? Cryptozoology, 1, 1-12, International Society of Cryptozoology).

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