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by admin on November 3, 2015

Gary Opit at home amid his New Guinean and Aboriginal artifacts collected during the 1970s while living among tribal people during animal and plant identification expeditions. I am holding a plaster cast of what is believed to be the right footprint of a Boiun, a Bundjalung Aboriginal name for the Australian Bigfoot or Yowie that lives in the Border Ranges between NSW & Queensland. The species was also known as a Jurrawarra, said to translate as “large hairy man” and other tribes called it Doolagarl. (Tony Healy and Paul Cropper, The Yowie, In Search of Australia’s Bigfoot, Strange Nation, Sydney, Anomalist Books USA and UK, 2006). The cast was made by Gary McGuire and Andre Clayden, from the best of nine prints across muddy ground, found in the rainforest at an elevation of 650 metres on Springbrook in mid 1998. Gary Opit lives at the most easterly point of the Australian continent in New South Wales on the northern coastline of Byron Bay.

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